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“iGATE has been our trusted IS partner over the last four years and has been delivering a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness in application development, maintenance and testing across technology stacks. We believe this growing relationship is contributing towards achieving our goal of delivering excellent and innovative IT services to the challenging Honda business in Europe.”
Jan Callens
Honda Europe
Application Management

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The last decade has seen unprecedented use of technology by all industries as a business enabler. As a result, currently, most organizations spend a significant portion of their IT budgets in maintaining legacy applications or managing multiple applications delivering similar functionalities. Besides this, application failures, downtime, or performance issues have  far- reaching repercussions including diminished business performance, significant financial losses, reduced competitiveness, and lowered customer satisfaction. Global enterprises can unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through effective application management, making it a critical business imperative.

Some of the key challenges that enterprises face, include:

  • High operational cost associated with managing legacy and redundant applications
  • Monolithic applications that are not agile or flexible enough to fulfill new business realities
  • Lack of application alignment with business requirements
  • Inability to proactively identify application failures or respond rapidly to incidents based on business importance
  • End-user complaints due to application performance or availability issues
  • Difficulty in integrating with web-based and modern distributed platforms and environments
  • Inability to meet required service quality objectives or comply with regulatory requirements
  • Shortage of skilled resources.

How iGATE Can Help You
An experienced IT Service provider, iGATE can effectively resolve your challenges through end-to-end management of infrastructure, applications, and business processes.

iGATE’s comprehensive application management services comprise:

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Track Record for Client Success

iGATE is a pioneer in delivering application management solutions by leveraging the Global Delivery Model. Over a span of three decades, it has successfully managed critical IT applications of Fortune 2000 corporations across multiple geographies.
Some of our recent clients include:

Application Maintenance

  • A large insurance company in Latin America, North America and Asia Pacific
  • World's largest distributor of electrical supplies
  • Global manufacturer of specialty materials

Application Portfolio Rationalization

  • A large US-based investment bank
  • A large business unit of a leading international bank with global presence
  • A large gaming solutions provider

Legacy Modernization

  • World’s leading producer of large and complex engineering products
  • A leading US-based LTL in fleet management services
  • A Fortune 10 company’s dedicated ‘Employee Services’ group
  • One of the largest insurance companies in the US and a market leader in auto insurance.