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Client Testimonial
“Back in 2009 we were looking for a partner to extend and expand our software development capabilities in a cost-effective manner. Through a very detailed due diligence process, it became very clear that iGATE was a cut above the rest. Their depth and breadth of experience in medical software development is unparalleled. We have formed a partnership that resulted in the global release of two critical products in our product portfolio. As in any project there were challenges but we have never doubted iGATE’s commitment to our success and indeed they have delivered.”
VP, Engineering
World-renowned Cardiac Diagnostics Company

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The increasing availability of computational power at lower cost, an explosion of wireless communication, multiple connectivity options, and the availability of integrated intelligent sensors and actuators, are driving OEMs to devise out-of-the box strategies for delivering feature-packed vehicles  that are no longer  just ‘transportation agents’ at competitive prices.

On the other hand, stringent, compelling and conflicting mandates with respect to energy, environment, and safety dimensions such as ISO 26262 for safety critical components, or   Autosar are driving OEMs and Tier1s  to re-design ECUs to meet the norms. The industry is thus focusing on HEV / BEV technology, adding critical safety features and creating Autosar compliant ECUs in their next-generation vehicles.

Therefore, the key challenge before automotive manufacturers is to meet competitiveness in terms of performance, durability, safety and cost, while addressing issues such as:

  • Integration of multiple mechanical and electronic components 
  • Combining entertainment, communication and navigation technologies
  • Coupling the world of electronics
  • Shrinking the lifetime of electronic products to around two years, to support the increasing lifespan of an automobile to around ten years.
  • Increasing electronics related defects in high-end vehicles
  • Meeting the increasingly tighter regulatory and safety norms.

How iGATE Can Help You
Inspired by the above trends, iGATE’s Automotive practice offers Product & Engineering Solutions to cater to the growing needs of automotive OEMs and Tier1s to develop features, modules and the entire ECUs.

The iGATE team has deep expertise in the automotive domain such as Powertrain, Body Electronics, Chassis, Safety, Infotainment and Telematics. Our experience includes projects involving development of BSP, device drivers, middleware and embedded control applications, system verification & validation, and systems engineering.

The automotive practice has experts in the area of model-based design, formal methods-based verification, ‘design for safety’ processes, automotive diagnostics, network protocol design & implementation of emerging standards such as Autosar and ISO 26262. The team successfully leverages the company’s global delivery model blended with its deep domain knowledge, technical competency and mature processes to deliver end-to-end solutions and services across the Automotive value chain.

iGATE’s extended services enable OEMs and Tier1s to:

  • Introduce products faster into the market leveraging the global delivery model
  • Lower the cost of bill-of-material by cost-driven product re-engineering
  • Avail of ‘one-stop shop’ services for end-to-end product development and design for manufacturing
  • Avail of product localization services for emerging markets using iGATE’s global presence and domain experts
  • Lower the cost of development, using a low-cost resource model
  • Be a ‘Design to Prototype’ provider, enabling faster ECU development in select sub-domains
  • Be a preferred partner for safety critical subsystems
  • Be a developer of catalytic and non-conflicting IPs
  • Undertake program management with the ability to reduce the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’.

Track Record for Client Success
iGATE has nurtured relationships with several leading players in the Automotive industry including:

  • World’s leading Automotive manufacturer from USA
  • Leading Japanese supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for all the world's major automakers
  • Leading global supplier for the automotive, computing, communications, energy, and consumer accessories markets
  • Globally leading European engineering and consulting services company for the Automotive industry.