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Delinquency Management

The need of the hour for credit card issuers and banks is the pro-active identification of potentially delinquent accounts at the earliest opportunity, and in a real-time environment. Credit card issuers and Retail banks are increasingly looking at solutions that would deliver relevant delinquency related information for intelligent management of delinquencies before they are converted to full-blown defaults.

iGATE Pre-Delinquency Management (PDM) Solution
The Pre-Delinquency Management solution offering from iGATE enables pro-active credit risk mitigation through identification of potentially delinquent customers/accounts before they actually turn delinquent.

The PDM solution is built on proprietary transactional scoring and behavioral scoring models. The solution undertakes both peer-to-peer comparative analysis & customer behavioral analysis to proactively identify and analyze potentially/habitually delinquent accounts and customers.

Delinquency Management
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Unique features of PDM Solution
The unique features of iGATE's PDM solution include:

  • Transactional analysis of potentially delinquent accounts to assess credit orientation and credit worthiness
  • Integration of credit scoring intelligence with pre-delinquency assessment
  • Objective, intuitive and comprehensive set of practical business rules based on different transactional modes, patterns and types
  • Enables application of separate sets of rules for different customer classes/groups based on various customer segmentation modes/models
  • Ability to create and customize business rule sets to suit the particular credit profile and risk aspects of specific groups of customers
  • Allocation of different weights to specific business rules applied to each customer group offers the optimal flexibility to define delinquency assessment models as per the credit profile and transactional profile of underlying customer segments
  • Delinquency assessment to be undertaken without impeding transactional analysis