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Client Testimonial
“In March of 2012 Welch Allyn approached iGATE to provide Business Objects development resources to design, build, test, and implement CRM related dashboards and detail reports. I am pleased to say the final deliverables were a stellar success with positive Welch Allyn business feedback. I was impressed with the iGATE engagement from many perspectives, in particular the development methodology, project management, and overall communication. The iGATE staff was always professional, detail oriented, and organized. There was productivity happening from day 1 until the knowledge transfer was complete. Based on this experience I wouldn’t hesitate to engage iGATE for future development and/or support initiatives in the Business Intelligence space.”
Gary Krudys
Manager – Business Intelligence
Welch Allyn

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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions

Business decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based. However, over the last decade, data volumes have grown tremendously and compounded the intricacies involved in their processing and analysis. Industry trends indicate that this growth will rapidly accelerate, resulting in generation of multiple terabytes, even petabytes, of data over the coming years. Traditional business intelligence approaches will not be able to keep pace with this massive growth in data volumes and the complexities raised by the dynamic nature of today’s enterprise business. iGATE offers business intelligence and data warehousing solutions that will keep pace with these developments and effectively manage your information assets to produce actionable intelligence that will enable you to take informed business decisions.

iGATE's Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) practice offers deep expertise in enterprise information management (EIM) that encompasses services like data integration, master data management, data warehouse management, data cleansing and quality management, creating dashboards and reports, advanced analytics and Corporate Performance Management to help you manage the following challenges:

  • Break down data silos, improve collaboration between business functions, reduce latency in information availability, and enable right-time decision-making capability
  • Gain insight from the terabytes of data being generated on a daily basis to take smarter decisions and improve bottom line
  • Equip an increasingly mobile workforce with access to BI reports and dashboards through mobile devices
  • Reduce the time taken to derive value from BI projects
  • Tackle inconsistencies within enterprise data to gain competitive benefits
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance requirements
  • Formulate strategies for profitable growth and actively monitor day-to-day operations.

How iGATE can help you
At iGATE, we offer solutions that enable enterprises to manage structured as well as unstructured information on a real-time basis and make it available to the business in the form of intelligible dashboards, scorecards, and drill-through reporting. Our integrated technology and operations (iTOPS) led delivery model ensures assured business outcomes, through the following:

Consulting Services: We help organizations strategize, formulate and execute BI strategies. Our architecture consulting services include defining DWH / ETL / OLAP strategies, reference architectures (SOA), capacity planning, installation, configuration, and benchmarking of BI infrastructure, BI roadmap creation, and BI tool standardization that help enterprises realize optimum value out of their BI implementation.

Data consolidation, reduction in latency, and single version of the truth: Our data warehousing and data integration services will help you to break down data silos and enable you to assess, analyze, and share data from disparate sources. Our established methodologies and proven processes are engineered to reduce latency in information availability, improve collaboration between business functions, and enable right-time decision-making capability.

BI dashboards and reports for mobile workforce: We have developed significant capabilities across mobile BI technologies like Roambi, SAP BO mobile, Qlikview, HTML 5 and Microstrategy Mobile, among others to help enterprises deliver reports and dashboards on multiple smart phone and tablet platforms.

Effective master data management and information governance: We help our customers build and maintain master data repositories, tackle inconsistencies within their data, and cleanse and enrich it to gain competitive advantage while simultaneously adhering to compliance requirements. We have co-developed Oracle’s Supplier Lifecycle Management solution and are a preferred implementation partner for the product.

Integration and analysis of information to drive high performance: Our differentiated Enterprise Performance Management services enable organizations to solve core business problems by applying analytical insights in conjunction with performance management methodologies such as strategic goal setting, score-carding, profitability management — activity-based costing, budgetary control – driver-based financial and operational planning, and financial and management consolidation of businesses.

Unlocking of immense value from big data: We help organizations integrate all data sources within the enterprise including databases, data warehouses, enterprise systems, business intelligence applications, and leverage Big Data to generate immense business value including higher operating margin, improved operational efficiency and quality, and reduced expenditure.

Quicker time-to-value from BI solution deployments: We have developed agile methodologies to deliver BI & DW solutions including an estimation methodology, a unique feature-driven development framework, and velocity tracking and agile modeling tools to help enterprises derive immediate value from their BI implementations.

End-to-end business and technology services: We offer low-risk, high-impact, short-cycle diagnostic, and assessment studies that ensure effectiveness of BI / DW initiatives across the stages of problem definition, solution recommendation, solution roll-out, and post-implementation maintenance and support.

Track Record for Client Success

  • Reporting solution for sales management, marketing and finance executives of a leading medical device manufacturer
  • Solution for processing large data volumes and analyzing usage and revenue contribution for a major telecom operator in Indonesia
  • Enterprise data warehouse reengineering to enable efficient stock management for a leading healthcare device manufacturer
  • End-to-end enterprise data warehouse implementation and support for a large retail bank in the US west coast
  • iTOPS-based after-sales supply chain solution for one of the largest global automobile manufacturers