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Business Process Management

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In the new era of business transformation, an increasing number of enterprises are looking at re-orienting themselves into a process-centric customer-focused organization. This paradigm shift has led to the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM) as a principal management discipline to enable strategic planning of business goals, driving process improvements and innovative application of technology for greater agility.

However, BPM systems are no “silver bullet”; also, it is not just about the process. The core BPM philosophy dwells on the synergistic balance between people, processes and technology to drive improvements, maximize value and enhance business performance through cost reduction, increase in productivity, and better adherence to regulatory & compliance norms. It is slowly becoming transformative and universal in its appeal.

iGATE, through its dedicated BPM Center of Excellence (CoE), brings together the right mix of functional expertise, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, and product expertise to provide end-to-end BPM services and solutions to its customers. iGATE has pioneered in partnering with its customers to develop a well-defined BPM strategy & roadmap that is in alignment with core business objectives.

We understand that delivering superior results requires excellent knowledge of cutting edge technologies, processes and functions all the time. Our BPM CoE operates on a unique model, to continuously research areas relevant to the BPM practice. Our methodologies are based on a sound understanding of an organization’s Business Process Management needs, maturity and their readiness for BPM adoption. We have collaborative teams to bring in a good mix of domain, process and technical knowledge and ensure seamless implementations. Our thought leadership and consulting capabilities ensure innovative approaches to drive BPM adoption in myriad organizational landscapes.

iGATE BPM Delivery Model 

Our deep technology capabilities are well complemented by our partnerships and alliances with some of the leading product vendors in the BPM space: SAVVION, ORACLE, BEA, IBM and Global 360 to name a few. This enables us to leverage the effective use of technology to build holistic BPM services and solutions for our customers.