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iGATE improved Product quality through Product Intelligence for a leading Japanese Electronics and Storage product MNC

The client was launching a new entry level storage product range specifically designed for small and medium businesses (SMB's). The pre-requisites of the partnership were to have rich experience in storage / server support domain with an ability to align disjoint processes & functions and improved product support.

The Client
The client, a major electronics and storage products manufacturer conducts business through direct and indirect channels in the public, government and private sectors in over 170 countries and regions. Its customers include more than 50 % of Fortune 100 companies.


The Challenge

  • To centralize support environment for a distributed sales channel driven by "REGIONS".
  • Lack of time to build team capability on supporting a new product.
  • Need for historical trend and data availability to establish a service Quality framework.
  • Lack of process documentation (SOPs', Governance documents, etc.).
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The Solution
iGATE set up a Technical LAB for remote technical support of client's IT storage product range through email/phone & web and case management services. The client's support centre team operates as two separate units, namely GCC (Global Customer Care) and GSC (Global Support Centre). iGATE extended its support by acting as a facilitator for coordinating between these two separate units and hence providing end -to-end resolution for supported product ranges.

The solution highlights are detailed below:

  • Set up 24X7X365 TPCC (Third Party Call Centre) assimilating the existing support structure through seamless migration.
  • Conducted an exhaustive business environment study to achieve higher process optimization.
  • A Technical lab is set-up which operates to simulate the customer's environment for quick resolution and research on new issues.
  • Product portfolios are managed with real-time product intelligence by monitoring trends overtime.
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The Technology

  • CRM Tool: Clarify
  • Data Connectivity: To client network through VPN
  • Interaction Medium: Voice (dedicated ITFS), E-mail (MS Outlook), Web [Ticket Logging through client's CRM tool (Clarify)].
  • Technical LAB: RAID arrays with multiple hosts on various operating systems including Linux and VMware, complete Storage Management Network with ability to setup multiple RAID Level environments.
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The Benefits

  • Centralized Global Delivery Center: Newly launched product support requirements are met through centralized support resulting in streamlined and standardized processes, while leveraging industry standard tools like Six Sigma and LEAN.
  • Product Intelligence: Enhanced product quality by pro-actively analyzing the trends leading to product upgrades thereby reducing L1 support volume by 20% approximately.
  • Knowledge base creation: Completed 100% project documentation on SOPs with formal review mechanism. Additionally, LAB was set up for research and analysis based on simulated environment for technical solutions on unknown issues.
  • Ensured Y-o-Y higher productivity gains: Improved productivity by 90% within 3 months of the process go live phase and thereby offering lower cost/transaction.
  • Faster Resolution rate: Reduced turn around time(TAT) for case management services by 55%.
  • Flexible Solution: An innovative yet cost effective scalable staffing and robust training model to manage fluctuating volume patterns and complex product issues.
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