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End-to-end customized solutions:
End-to-end customized solutions
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We customize training
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iGATE effects changes
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Knowledge and information are the driving forces of the new economy. Updated knowledge is therefore the key to organizational success as it translates into the avail ability of competent manpower and faster dissemination of knowledge across the enterprise. Thus, considering that knowledge is continuously evolving in today’s rapidly changing world, “continuous learning” is imperative for the competitive advantage of an organization.

One way of achieving this goal is by building learning infrastructure in-house; however this requires significant investment. Moreover, new initiatives, continuing product and service introductions, new competitors and ever-growing regulatory requirements can overwhelm in-house training resources. Corporate training functions face a dizzying array of learning content and technology vendors. And organizations experience difficulty in co-ordinating with multiple vendors. Therefore, it makes business sense to source the entire gamut of learning solutions from a single vendor.

iGATE’s Corporate Training Function - ‘iLEARN (iGATE Learning, Education And Research Node)’ has over 2200 person years of providing innovative learning opportunities to our 13,000+ strong employee base and some of our Fortune 500 clients.

Over the years, we have extended and leveraged our rich in-house experience to enable our customers realize their vision of developing required skills, knowledge and attitudes of their workforce. We achieve this by using the principles of instructional design, educational psychology and cognitive psychology for competency development in the area of technical, behavioral, project management, quality management and leadership skills.

Our suite of Customized Learning Solutions comprises Corporate Training, Custom Content Development, and Blended Learning Solutions. These are targeted to provide our customers with:

  • Competency development for their IT and business users
  • Smoother application rollouts
  • Retention of application knowledge
  • Trainer-independent courses
  • Effective user-friendly documentation (manuals, quick reference guides, online help modules).