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The ever-changing socioeconomic conditions are forcing companies to address a number of complex challenges in the product development process; the key drivers being improvement in product quality, reduced time-to-market, and the ability to offer competitive prices.

Challenges include:

  • Managing global design requirements, distributed design teams, vendors in diverse countries, localized products meeting necessary statutes
  • Accelerated product innovation
  • Ability to offer better performing products
  • Managing product complexity – getting together mechanical, electronics and embedded software as a homogeneous product (mechatronic products)
  • Protecting product IP
  • Product data maintenance, frequent design changes, insufficient data to justify / review reasons product changes
  • Multiple CAD systems resulting in disparate design data
  • Maintaining consistency in design
  • Regulatory compliances.  

Whilst coping up with all these issues, organizations need to focus on their core competencies. Most organizations have realized that managing all the product related information, right from concept through retirement, in an organized manner is the key to success. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions address such key issues by streamlining communication, management, and enabling collaboration throughout the enterprise.

How iGATE Can Help You
iGATE has a well-established Engineering Services practice for addressing the concerns faced by product development teams. We offer Engineering Services that span across the entire lifecycle of a product – conceptualization through prototyping and manufacturing support. iGATE provides multi-platform expertise in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM.

Our engineering services have enabled customers to create improved designs, analyze design problems, improve product efficiency, manage design data from multiple sources, migrate from one design platform to the other, adapt to new software releases, and so forth. In addition to providing services on all the design software used extensively in the manufacturing sector, we also provide engineering software customization services to create custom interfaces to handle routine/repetitive design tasks.

iGATE also provides services for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our GIS services include Geospatial Application and Data Development services. We provide services on all leading edge GIS software such as ESRI, Smallworld, Intergraph, Bentley, and Autodesk. Our geospatial services span across a number of sectors like, Utilities, Telecom, Government, Transportation (Automotive Navigation), Insurance, besides others.

We also provide Document Conversion services. These include innovative and robust solutions for converting, structuring, and integrating a broad range of data and document types. We convert legacy business documents into functional electronic formats, enabling online publishing, storage, and distribution of previously unavailable textual and graphical data.

Track Record for Client Success
Some of our customers include:

  • Global Corporation with leading positions in several business such as Aviation, Energy, Appliances, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Electrical Distribution, Business & Consumer Finance, Lighting, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Rail, Security, and Water
  • Manufacturer of marine diesel engines for container freight ships and power generation equipment
  • Largest supplier of escalators and the second largest manufacturer of elevators worldwide
  • Largest providers of GIS data used in automotive navigation
  • Large electric utility with over 11 Million consumers
  • Highly reputed, Government supplier of Tax Parcel Mapping data, photogrammetry products and services
  • A large Japanese conglomerate engaged in multiple business, ranging from electronics to healthcare
  • Company specializing in post-trade services and solutions on a global level
  • Financial services company leading in retirement benefits, securities and finance.