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Green Space
iBEES ( iGATE Patni’s Business Efficiency Eco System) is an initiative to ensure ‘Go Green’ in every activity and process at iGATE Patni.

The goals of iBEES are:

  • Eco-Friendly atmosphere across all our campuses
  • Initiate actions based on business needs taking into consideration environmental factors
  • Conservation of energy resources
  • E-waste management
  • Reduce use of energy at various places such as facilities, data centers
  • Reduce Carbon footprint
  • Make the environment a better place to live and work in.
  • Stress the Reduce/recover-reuse-Recycle (3R) methodology.

iGATE Patni’s  iBEES committee has been formed to oversee, discuss, and implement  Go Green and Business Efficiency solutions. The committee consists of users from the following departments:

  • Administration/Facilities
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Quality
  • Development Teams

The committee receives numerous ideas across departments and the initiatives are implemented based on these ideas.

Energy initiatives in iGATE Patni’s facility

1. Use of LED lighting instead of fluorescent lighting

  • Advantages : Saving of 60% of energy consumption compared to Fluorescent light  which results in reduction 10% of total energy consumed
  • Environmental friendly( no mercury hazard )
  • 50000 burning hours and no maintenance

2. Use of Building Automation System

  • With this the entire technical operation can be done through a PC which has a provision of scheduling, monitoring and controlling specific area whereby the energy consumption will be reduced by 20%
  • We have used environmental friendly gas flooding system for the data center
  • We have installed environmental friendly air-conditioning equipments.
  • We have installed ergonomically designed workstations

Lighting & HVAC

Replacing incandescent lamps with Compact Fluorescent Lamps

  • No. of lamps replaced = 5392
  • CFL KWh = 159 kW
  • Incandescent lamps = 795 kW

Reduction in CO2 Emissions – 1240 Tons / Year.

Heating ,Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC):

Measures taken to reduce Air Conditioning Load:

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Variable Air Volume (VAV), Roof Insulations, Shade of Glazing ,Reduce South/West Exposure,  Energy Efficient Motors.
  • Reduction in A/C Load of 80 Tons resulting in 112 kW reduction in power.

Reduction in CO2 Emissions  = 218 Tons /year.

Solar Water Heating & Water Treatments

Solar Water Heating:

  • Reduction in heating load =25 kW
  • Green power (Solar) is used for heating water in cafeteria.
  • Green power (Solar) lighting for basement parking area (around 2 lakh sft. – 20 KW solar panel
  • Reduction in CO2 Emissions  = 49 Tons/year

Water Treatment Plant:

  • Recycled water usage = 100,000 liters

Rs. 3500/day & use of ground water is eliminated.

Plastic Usage:

  • Reduced plastic usage by avoiding providing plastic bottles to the users for drinking water.

Mass Transport

iGATE Patni Provides Buses/Cabs to ferry employees to and fro to campus


  • Buses ( 50 Seater)   - 10.
  • Buses ( 30 Seater)   - 10
  • Buses ( 13 Seater)   - 10
  • Cabs – 300 Nos.
  • Total No. of Employees using the Mass transport are about 1800

Planting of Saplings

  • Planting of Tree Saplings around the Campus.
  • No. of Saplings = 250
  • As a part of longetivity award programs , all users who had served iGATE Patni for a long time were invited to plant the saplings around the campus.
  • 100 plant saplings were distributed to the users.
  • 250 packets of plant seeds were distributed to the users.

iGATE Patni is rated as the Most Green Campus by the Mysore Horticultural Society

iBEES - Go Green Initiatives:

Data centre:

  • Demanding energy efficient systems and servers from vendors at the time of procurement.
  • Consolidation/Virtualization of servers to reduce power usage and space in the data center as a ongoing basis
  • Procurement of storage devices such as Hitachi that consumes less energy.


  • Procurement and consolidation of blade servers which consumes less energy.
  • Implementing Virtualization by consolidating the servers.
  • Implementation of N-Computing technologies which provide virtualization. The N-computing devices deployed consume very less energy.


  • Implementation of Telecom devices which are green compliant which saves between 50 – 75% of power/energy.


  • Printer usage @ all campuses have been reduced by implementing P-counter which provides quota management for secure printing and also tracks prints from each users.
  • Process for photocopiers have been implemented with a tool which tracks the usage of photocopies.


  • Implementation of switches which save nearly 50-60% of power


  • Laptops are configured with Power save options to hibernate and go on standby if not in use.
  • Desktops will also be configured with power save options through AD.  The Policies through AD are as below.
  • Monitor: 15 minutes
  • Hard disks: 30 minutes
  • Hibernation: 60 minutes
  • All the CRT monitors are now being replaced with LCD monitors to conserve power energy.


  • Awareness on the green initiatives to employees using newsletters and mailers.
  • Awareness to employees to conserver power by switching off the monitors when they leave for the day.

Energy Saving Approach:

  • Minimized exposure to sun on the south & west sides of the building.
  • Insulating the ceiling (Roof Insulation) & wall using expanded Polystyrene & Glass wool which eliminates the ingress of heat inside the work areas.
  • Installing VFD & VAV’s in HVAC for energy conservation.
  • Using High Efficiency Motors & Pumps for energy conservation.
  • Using energy efficient Luminaries Like CFL, LED & T5 for energy conservation at all locations.
  • Shading Devices for window Openings to avoid heat ingress inside the working area.
  • Planning to synchronize Generator sets for optimum usage of Power.
  • Green power (Solar) is used for heating water in cafeteria.
  • Schedule of equipments for operational efficiency and energy of conservation.

Efficiency in water consumption:

  • Using Treated Water for Landscaping of around 4 acres instead of Potable water  and around 100,000  Liters of Water is treated  using STP (Sewage treatment Plant)
  • Using OZONEISATION process for treated water will be used for flushing of Rest rooms for upcoming projects.
  • Organic waste converter is used so that the waste is converted into manure and the same is used for our Landscape.   
  • Rain water harvesting concept is implemented in the campus & used interlock pavers for better water harvesting.

Noise pollution:

  • Noise reduction measures of equipments is incorporated
  • Our new campus coming up in Whitefield is approved by MOEF (Ministry of Environment & Forest).

Waste disposal strategy:

  • E-waste Disposal : Authorized to dispose E-WASTE through Authorized Processor E-Parisara  (Certified from Pollution control Board(Form-1) )

Emissions: Carbon footprint, Reduction Strategy

  • USE of NON CFC refrigerant for HVAC (R134)
  • Replacing existing Luminaries with CFL,LED,T-5 etc & for upcoming projects
  • Synchronization of Generators
  • Mass transportation is facilitated for employees

Other Initiatives:

  • Upkeep of Road median Landscaping of about 5 km
  • No smoking zone across the campus thereby reducing pollution
  • Being voted the Most Green Campus by the Mysore Horticultural Society
  • Using Treated Water for Landscaping of around 4 acres instead of Potable water  and around 100,000  Liters of Water is treated  using STP (Sewage treatment Plant)
  • Being a complete plastic free campus.

Carbon Foot Print of iGATE Patni in 2008
A Carbon footprint audit was conducted by Ernst & Young for the year 2008.

  • The total emission inventory of iGATE Patni stands at  28434 ton of Carbon dioxide for the calendar year 2008 ;
  • GHG emission intensity stands at 4.23 tCO2/employee.