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Accounts Payable Process

iGATE has successfully developed and deployed an  iTOPS solution for Accounts Payables process for Finance and Accounting function. This solution integrates seamlessly with multiple applications such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and other legacy systems for managing Finance & Accounting data. The below illustration shows how this accounts payables solutions integrates with the clients ERP systems. The data exchange or integrations between the ERP and the Accounts Payable solution happens in scheduled batches as desired by the client. The integration is completely automated and does not require any manual intervention. Our associates would access the Accounts Payables Solution layer, a single application through which all the invoices are processed. Our Accounts Payables solution for Finance & Accounting function also comes with several best-in-class features such as a robust document management system, configurable workflow system, SLA monitoring and process governance tool, De-duplication tool and a vendor portal which is used by the clients suppliers to get the real time status of their invoices.

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We can demonstrate the Accounts Payables solution over web ex or video conference on request.

Features and Benefits of Accounts Payables  iTOPS Solution
Pricing Based on number of invoices processedDelivers Truly Variable Cost Structure
A fully tested and deployed Solution that works with existing Technology/application used byLowers risk of technology for client
Integrates multiple systems and automates manual tasksEconomies of Scale and higher efficiency
Capacity can be scaled up or down as neededLowers risk from fluctuation in volume of invoices

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