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Our Unique ‘Business Outcomes’ Model

iGATE's industry-first, 'Business Outcomes' model ensures that you 'Pay for Results Only' and not for the effort, time and manpower that go into achieving the outcomes.

We are missioned to change the rules of the game, to deliver high-impact outcomes for a new technology-enabled world.

Our Business Outcomes based approach focuses on the realization of tangible and measurable results, unlike traditional models which are driven by work, effort, time and manpower. By pricing our services on results, we exchange fixed costs for a variable cost structure in an attempt to get clients to 'market minus' versus 'cost plus', while helping clients adjust to the peaks and valleys of their demand.

Through a blended strategy of 'offerings tailored to customers' and market needs' — referred to as our 'outside-in approach' for problem-solving, experimenting and innovating business and technology platforms; we achieve results efficiently through rapid improvement and automation, resulting in reduced cycle times and costs over a period of time. Accountability for results towards aligned goals, requires us to continuously measure our progress against the goals, thus enabling us to deliver significant benefits to our customers along with a lower risk profile. This model is driven by iTOPS (Integrated Technology and Operations Platforms) that enables us to share risk with customers on technology, investments and demand variation in their business.

Focused on sharing results with customers, while absorbing their risks, we are able to drive significant bottom-line improvement for them. In this way we forge true partnerships with our clients. No longer making money ‘off’ our clients but ‘with’ them.

iTOPS  — Our Integrated Technology and Operations Solution Framework
iGATE's iTOPS solution framework is a strategic approach towards delivering standardized IT and BPO services to customers.

Often, companies find it difficult to invest in new technology and process improvement either due to high costs or lack of scale. These customers realize limited benefits from business process outsourcing. This is where iTOPS solutions deliver dramatically improved results. While iGATE makes upfront investment in building the technology and process platforms, the Client pays only for using the infrastructure, much like paying for electricity or cooking gas that we use in our homes.  For example, a client sourcing mortgage services typically pays us for only for the ‘number of loans funded’, which is the desired outcome.

The iTOPS solution framework consists of best-in-class people, process and technology. Two key activities drive the success of the iTOPS Framework:

  • Defining  the right parameters for the service
  • Developing the right combination of ‘end-to-end technology, process and talent’ to consistently meet the quality and cost specifications.

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Benefits of 'iTOPS for Business Outcomes'
The unique combination of our iTOPS solution framework and our Business Outcomes strategy ('Pay-For-Results-Only’ pricing model) delivers significant benefits to our customers.

Reduces risk from demand variation: All enterprises carry a certain degree of risk inherent in the business due to demand variation. This variability can lead to too much or too little capacity to match demand. While excess capacity leads to higher costs, a lack of capacity can result in a loss of business. The iTOPS solution can be ramped up or down in tune with the market demand. This flexibility ensures that while our clients do not lose an order due to lack of capacity, they do not overspend for excess capacity.

Reduces technology risk: In a typical outsourcing arrangement, the client carries significant risks associated with the investment in selecting, implementing and managing the right technology. Our  iTOPS based solutions insulate our clients from this risk. We have made substantial investments to ensure best-in-class technology and processes for our clients.

Delivers predictable results and cost with 'Pay-for-Results-Only model':  Our customers pay us only when we deliver results or business outcomes. This ensures that our incentives are aligned with our customers' incentives.

Delivers a truly variable cost structure to better manage our client’s business: Every business manager worries about how much capacity and what skills are needed to meet the market demand. This includes the number of employees, technology resources and infrastructure. This capacity, while meeting the demand, also results in a fixed cost for the company. For example, a mortgage company may plan to fund 100 new loans in a month. However, it may end up funding fewer loans depending upon the actual demand. In a typical in-house or outsourced model, the company will have to incur a fixed cost for 100 loans, even if the actual number of loans funded is lower than planned. With iTOPS, the customer pays only for the actual number of loans funded, not a fixed carrying cost needed for 100 loans thus delivering a truly variable cost structure for our customers.

Eliminates management overheads and headaches in managing the outsourced relationship: Our clients do not have to spend time and energy to ensure that they get value for money, since they no longer need to worry about the effort and resources required to run the process. That responsibility is now shifted to iGATE with the customer executives only tracking the business outcomes they want from the process.

With our outcome-based pricing approach enabled by iTOPS solutions, we deliver truly transformational solutions with significantly higher value, to our customers.

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