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Significant technology breakthroughs in Mobile & Wireless technology, converging internet and communication technologies, along with robust broadband services have resulted in a tremendous demand for high end Mobile & Wireless products.
This global digital revolution has encouraged a race for advancements in features like touch screen, GPS, WIFI, social networking, video streaming and mobile TV. Multiple services platforms, user interfaces and localization needs of mobile applications are on a rise. The competitive scenario is constantly evolving as innovative operating systems including open source gain popularity and manufacturers are leveraging disruptive and converging technologies to capture market share.

In this unprecedented scenario Mobile & Wireless companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to address the following challenges:

  • Frequently changing market opportunities because of continuous demand for high-end features forcing mobile companies to introduce unique products
  • Convergence of Technologies – fuelling agile innovation in mobile product and services development
  • Absence of standards in mobile  applications and content management
  • Mobile application development and testing in multiple platforms
  • Fast pace of application development to access services like mobile TV, remote healthcare, business through mobile and others
  • Shortening product life cycle forcing players to reduce time-to-market.

How iGATE Can Help You
iGATE’s Mobile & Wireless Practice offers complete product lifecycle services to Mobile & Wireless product companies. The Practice comprises a highly skilled engineering team with ample experience in extending complete R&D support and product lifecycle services. The team has successfully leveraged its deep domain knowledge, technical competency and mature processes along with a global delivery model to deliver end-to-end solutions and services to a host of clients across geographies in the Mobile & Wireless space,

iGATE’s extended R&D and Mobile & Wireless services can help mobile manufacturers/ OEM/ODM and service providers to:

  • Adapt to the changing mobile market dynamics
  • Introduce products faster into the market leveraging the global delivery model and concurrent development and testing
  • Support and maintenance of  multiple product lines
  • Lower cost of development/verification for consumer, enterprise and industrial handsets, using a low-cost business model.

Leveraging its expertise in Mobile & Wireless technologies, iGATE’s Mobile & Wireless Practice offers services to vertical product and applications markets such as Medical, Automation, Controls & Instrumentation, Manufacturing, and Travel & Logistics Industry, to:

  • Wireless-enable products for communication and data access (Bluetooth, Wifi, WiMAX connectivity)
  • Integrate Wireless capability with sensing and control
  • Provide value-added solutions using cutting-edge wireless technologies (such as WHDI, NFC).

Track Record for Client Success
iGATE has nurtured relationships with several leading players in the Mobile & Wireless industry including:

  • Leading global communication company from the US
  • Finnish design house for Mobile & Wireless communication products
  • European manufacturer of handheld entertainment and information delivery products
  • Leading provider of mobile social media services based in UK
  • Leading Japanese mobile manufacturer.