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“iGATE has been our trusted IS partner over the last four years and has been delivering a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness in application development, maintenance and testing across technology stacks. We believe this growing relationship is contributing towards achieving our goal of delivering excellent and innovative IT services to the challenging Honda business in Europe.”
Jan Callens
Honda Europe
Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics

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Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics: How Closer Integration of Business and Technology Can Drive Better Business Outcomes
In today’s environment of slower economic growth, no sector may be impacted more than manufacturing, retail distribution and logistics as companies face higher input costs, lower consumer spending, and tight credit markets. But innovative business technology can help enterprises achieve better business outcomes even –– in tough times.

First, technology can help you design, manufacture and maintain sophisticated products to protect the top line. Second, technology can help orient the business's operations to ensure that the enterprise always exceeds customers' expectations. Third, technology can help you achieve superior command of the enterprise-wide cost structures.

How iGATE can help
For the last three decades, iGATE has helped Global manufacturing, retail and logistics companies navigate through the business challenges and leverage technology to achieve superior business coordination, maximize production performance and create customer value.

Our unique Integrated Technology-Operations (iTOPS) approach offers a business outcome-based model thus adding certainty to the clients’ business; enabling them to derive maximum value at increasing business efficiency levels. The iTOPS approach means a ‘one view’ on our clients’ technology and operations, which helps in following a synergistic approach to achieve business benefits. In addition, our unique Concept2Consumption business lifecycle model helps enterprises effectively deploy a sound business strategy, which addresses the critical business requirements across the entire product lifecycle.

Our Micro-Vertical Framework is based on iGATE unique Concept2Consumption business lifecycle model, covering three distinct lifecycle phases:

  • Concept2Manufacturing (C2M)
  • Manufacturing2Distribution (M2D)
  • Distribution2Consumption. (D2C)

The Concept2Consumption framework takes full advantage of all existing capabilities and strengths of iGATE across all areas, including technology & innovation, product engineering, enterprise solutions, systems integration, application development, business process outsourcing and infrastructure management etc. Moreover, the Concept2Consumption framework is highly tailored towards industry Micro-Vertical objectives, creating solutions and services targeted to the specific industry sectors. Finally, it is also supported and enabled by thought leadership, solution platforms, frameworks, experience, reference-ability, and value creation.