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Open Source Software (OSS) continues to be one of the most viable and leading levers for cost optimization. The overall adoption trends and economics around OSS confirm that this technology is making significant headway as an IT Platform even for mission-critical business applications. Some of the key drivers for adoption of OSS solutions include:

  • Substantial reduction in total-cost-of-ownership of proprietary solutions
  • Significantly lower support costs compared to proprietary software
  • Increased agility through shorter development time and faster time-to-market
  • Vendor independence and flexibility
  • Open standards and open development process
  • Increased innovation opportunities.

However, the challenges faced in a safe, secure and gainful adoption of OSS include:

  • Need for well-defined policies and a robust governance model at an organizational level
  • Integration and interoperability with commercial and/or open source products
  • Need for no compromise on account of OSS licensing issues linked to organization’s IP
  • Security compliance
  • Product viability and sustenance
  • SLA-driven product support.

How iGATE Can Help You
At iGATE, we have developed a deep understanding of the OSS technology and of the typical issues faced by enterprises while considering OSS adoption. iGATE has identified the key areas in which  enterprises can benefit from the adoption of OSS technology, and has developed proven capabilities in these areas. Leveraging its vast IT experience, iGATE offers OSS expertise in the areas of Portal, Content Management & Collaboration (PCC), Rich Internet Applications, Service Oriented Architecture, Workflows and Business Process Management, Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing, Business Intelligence and Application/Web Servers.

Track Record for Client Success
With its impressive domain and technology expertise, complemented by its strong OSS technology partnership base, iGATE is well-armed to ensure safe and secured adoption of OSS at an enterprise level, to its global clientele.