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RSS Feeds

Stay connected with the latest updates at iGATE just by subscribing to our RSS feeds or you can ‘Follow us on Twitter’ to read our latest ‘tweets’.


Why should I use RSS on the iGATE website?
RSS is a standard web feed format. If you subscribe to our web feeds, it will keep you updated about the latest additions to our website. You can get the latest news, press releases and investor updates on iGATE without having to visit our website every day.
What software should I use?
RSS feeds can be read on browser version IE7 and higher, Firefox, or any of the latest browsers compatible with RSS 2.0. You can use online feed readers like Google Reader, Feedreader, etc. or download the feed readers to your computer. When you subscribe to iGATE.com web feeds, these tools will inform you whenever there is a change in our web content.

How can I add feeds?
On the Feed Reader page, there are two main ways you can achieve this:
• Click on the relevant link like ‘add to...’ button or
• Copy and paste the link into your feed reader.
On the iGATE website, you can click a button like ‘Subscribe Now’, which will take you to the appropriate subscription page on the reader.

What is ‘Follow us on Twitter’?
Every new update, which we publish in our Twitter profile, is called a ‘tweet’. Following iGATE on Twitter will allow you to receive our updates or ‘tweets’. To follow us, you will need a Twitter  account. You could receive these updates on your phone, IM, or on the web. You will receive updates based on your preferences for device and notifications.