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iGATE’s User Experience (UX) CoE’s mission is to enhance user experience by partnering with clients and users. We are therefore equipped with the skills to achieve the highest standards of User Experience Management (UXM) with optimal usable solutions.

We ensure that no hurdles come in the way of users while achieving specific goals; we understand “the art of getting un-noticed!” Users have nothing to do with which technology is being used nor do they wish to understand what the designers intended. They simply wish to complete the task without really thinking too much. We enable exactly that fluency in an effective and efficient way.

We have well-defined methodologies and a structured approach which excels in usage centered techniques. We base User Centered Design (UCD) on a “usage” centered approach and not just a “user” centered approach. We value the user’s feedback but prioritize usage patterns to design. We value both the business goals as also the user’s comfort.

We have built in some key differentiators in our usage centered approach:

  • We care for, both, the business objectives and usage pattern
  • We adopt scientific methods and a structured approach
  • We carry out competition comparative analysis
  • We customize our strategy to meet business goals.

We understand that every problem is unique and deserves a tailor-made approach. We do not enforce every client's challenges into the same rigid process.

We find and bridge the gap between application flow and what users expected. And eventually when we are done, applications are much more intuitive and easy-to-use.